Roadmap 2020



Orb Explorer beta testing

Access to Orb Explorer, recently rewarded by Klaytn Horizon, together with a feedback survey, will be sent to the subscribed testers shortly.

1st SoG card minted on Ethereum

A selection of Spells of Genesis cards with a high historic and symbolic value will be minted (issued) on Ethereum.


Smart contracts integration in SoG

To enable usage of Etehreum-based cards in Spells of Genesis, the game has to be adapted for smart contracts first

Ethereum cards sale

Askian: Blockchain History” limited card series sales start

Orb Explorer private beta

Orb Explorer private beta unlocked to all owners of at least one Ethereum-based SoG card


Ethereum cards sale

“Askian: Blockchain History” series sale end


Orb Explorer release

Orb Explorer public beta release

...and much more!

Stay tuned!