Open source software for easy blockchain integration

Open source software for easy blockchain integration

Crystal Spark

Crystal Spark is a collection of open source software for easy integration of blockchain in your products (game or other). Crystal Spark is composed of an ever-growing range of standalone modules, divided in two main categories:

General blockchain integration allows you to connect to multiple blockchains and to implement blockchain technology in your product, whether it is a game, or another product.

Specific Crystal Suite integration modules enable connection to other products from the Crystal Suite and communication with them.

All Crystal Spark modules are blockchain agnostic. 

Crystal Spark Modules

CS Cannon

CSCannon is a Github PHP library based on the datagraph format. It can query different blockchains or external APIs (like OpenSea) and allows us to unify all the data to the same format and using the same terms, no matter which blockchain the data comes from.

The canonical format is the same throughout the different protocols.

  • Simplified way to query multiple blockchains
  • Unifies data across different blockchains
  • Token & assets integration.
  • PHP library mapping blockchain tokens onto assets.
  • Allows addition of metadata to the blockchain information.


CS Notary

    CSNotary is a Typescript to be library, currently integrated directly in Crystal Control Center but to be potentially made a separate library. The goal of CSNotary is to make cross-chain transactions in a unified way using the same vocabulary and syntax.

    CSNotary is using PHP for Counterparty / Bitcoin transactions which creates two languages dependency. Ideally, we would have to migrate the PHP Bitcoin calls to Typescript.


    CS Canonizer

      Canonizer is a Javascript / Typescript library in an NPM package that allows the creation of a mini local datagraph giving the ability to easily create/update data from a remote datagraph. It can read & write different data formats and allows the use of datagraphs for front end apps.

      We use it to take information from blockchains & send it to services using CSCannon for storage. For example, for Kusama, it is used to scan their blockchain, store our data in ccc and allows us to be future proof for terms we haven’t specified yet.


      CS Account

      CSAccount is a PHP library designed to manage ECDSA Bitcoin signatures and Ethereum signatures to authenticate users. It is designed to use cross-chain wallets to allow a consistent sign-in workflow. CSAccount receives encrypted information, can verify signatures and messages’ validity and can allow login/access to services. Moreover, CSAccount is datagraph ready, it can determine a list of users and roles which facilitates account management. It makes it easy to leverage CSCannon data such as blockchain address and balance to make roles and token access controlled systems.


      CS API

      This service uses CSCannon logic and the multi-chain approach. It helps developers of wallets and DAaps get information from blockchains, such as events and balances, always respecting the same unified format no matter which blockchain the information comes from or the intended use of the request (wallet, API, etc).

      • Gets transactions and balances of and address or casa
      • Gets transactions and balances of a collection
      • Lists all the collections


      Crystal Suite Integration Modules

      CS BitCrystals Engagement

      Coming Soon

      CS Casa Tookan Newsfeed

      Coming Soon