What is a Counterparty-compatible wallet?

Counterparty is a layer on the Bitcoin blockchain. Not all wallets integrate this layer, this is why it’s important to use a Counterparty compatible wallet in order to be able to see and manage your assets.

Examples of compatible wallets are: Casa Tookan & Free Wallet.

Where can I find my cards in my Casa Tookan wallet?

At the bottom of the screen, go in the tab “Balances”. There, you will see everything you own in that wallet and a list of collections if there’s any asset from that collection. For example, if you own Spells of Genesis cards, you should see the collection Spells of Genesis, you can tap on it and see all your assets from that collection. Same goes for Rarepepe and other Counterparty assets.

Where can I sell my cards?

Our website isn’t a buy/sell platform, that’s why we’re only doing sales on our shop page.

Our users are selling cards on the secondary market: auctions, dispensers or creating emblem vaults to be able to sell counterparty assets on Opensea.

We are not managing this part and we advise you to be careful. You can join our community on our different channels like Telegram and Discord to ask for more information.

How to sell my Counterparty cards on Ethereum / OpenSea?

Unfortunately, you can’t swap a Counterparty asset to the Ethereum chain. Most of our users are creating vaults via Embleme Vault to be able to sell their cards on OpenSea. This is not something we are managing and we cannot guide you, but we advise you to be really careful with any transaction that you make.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are processed manually during working hours. It can take up to 3 working days for orders to be processed. When your order is processed, you automatically receive an email to inform you.

Where can I find the card's issuance date and supply?

For any given Counterparty asset, you can go to xchain.com and find all the available information about it.

When will you refill the shop?

The shop is frequently refilled, you can keep an eye on it if you are looking for some specific cards.

Why can I only add 1 of each card into my cart?

We are trying to discourage bulk buys in hopes to keep the market fair and give a chance to a maximum of people.

What's your marketing proposal?

We have a limited number of cards left in our stock and this number is part of the price and sale strategy we implement. We are selling cards at a certain price by batch, once the batch is sold, we evaluate the price again.

Card prices will always grow as time passes except if promotions are launched.

I am facing an issue with SOG Bazar

We are not the owners of the website SOGBAZAAR, this is a independent shop.
You can contact them at this adress.

We are also providing sales on our on website crystalsuite.com/store

Where can I buy BitCrystals?

You can get BitCrystals directly from our Store!

You can also use UniSwap, here’s a tutorial on how it works.