Our History & Achievements







Foundation of EverdreamSoft

EverdreamSoft (EDS) is founded in 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland, as a game studio

Release of Moonga

Release of Moonga, an mobile trading card game, one of the first mobile games ever


Moonga becomes #1 on Japanese AppStore

Moonga ranks among the top 50 games of all categories and reached top 1 in the RPG category in Japan, with over 250,000 downloads worldwide since then


"True ownership" of digital assets

EverdreamSoft starts their blockchain-oriented activities with the idea of giving players the “true ownership” of their game assets


Issuance of BitCrystals (BCY)

BitCrystals (BCY) is issued as a Counterparty token

Release of the 1st blockchain card: FDCARD

FDCARD is issued in collaboration with FoldingCoin, a projet that rewards people for lending their CPU to Stanford University researchers to help them finding cures for cancer and/or Alzheimer’s

"BitCrystals Token Sale" - ICO

EDS runs one of the 1st ICOs ever: BCY Token Sale takes place from August 4th until September 3rd 2015. Nearly 630 BTC are raised in less than 72 hours!

Spells of Genesis development

The funds raised during the BCY Token Sale are used to launch the development of Spells of Genesis (SoG)

SoG Blockchain cards are sold for BitCrystals

All newly released SoG blockchain-based cards are sold for BCY only


Project "ORB" with IndieSquare

Together with Indiesquare, EDS starts the joint venture Project “ORB”

Launch of Spells of Genesis

In April 2017 EDS launches Spells of Genesis, together with their publishing partner All4Games

Book of Orbs

EverdreamSoft takes over Project Orb and releases Book of Orbs


The “blockchainization” feature is implemented in SoG. Blockchainization allows players to transform their fully leveled-up in-game cards into standalone blockchain assets


Ubisoft's startup program - season 2

EDS joins the 2nd season of Ubisoft’s startup program in Station-F in Paris

Casa Tookan release

Release of Casa Tookanthe next-generation multi-chain mobile wallet and DApp browser


Ubisoft's startup program - season 3

EDS takes participation in Ubisoft’s startup program in Station-F in Paris goes on

EDS announces their new action plan

EverdreamSoft rethinks their business strategy and decides to shift focus towards providing blockchain-based tools for game developers and content creators

Blockchain Game Alliance

EDS becomes one of the founding members of Blockchain Game Alliance

Crystal Suite launch

Official announcement of Crystal Suite launch

Klaytn Horizon winner

Orb Explorer awarded by Klaytn Horizon