We’ve been issuing crypto assets since 2015 as collectible cards to be played in our game Spells of Genesis!


Please note that the transactions will not happen automatically upon payment. The orders will be processed manually during working hours, this process might take up to 3 working days (Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm CET).

The assets sold here are Counterparty assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, your receiving wallet/address must be compatible.

You can download Casa Tookan for Android or iOS if you want to make sure you have a compatible wallet to manage your assets.

Please message us using the contact form if you have any question.

Marketing proposal

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Our marketing proposal

We have a limited number of cards left in our stock and this number is part of the price and sale strategy we implement. We are selling cards at a certain price by batch, once the batch is sold, we evaluate the price again.

Card prices will always grow as time passes except if promotions are launched.