Spells of Genesis Going on Ethereum!

Spells of Genesis

The first blockchain game ever is now becoming multi-chain!

Spells of Genesis, the 1st blockchain game ever, is now becoming one of the first multi-chain games!

We are proud of what we’ve achieved together since 2014 when we’ve launched the idea of the “True ownership” of digital assets. Since then, we’ve been working hard on bringing new ideas and further helping the blockchain technology to become more mainstream, at least in the field of games and collectibles.

Enabling multiple blockchains inside our flagship game is a logical step, in line with our multi-chain approach.


Bigger Community

Today, Counterparty is used by a very few people. By issuing some SoG cards on Ethereum we hope to attract more users. Our goal is to bring more players to Spells of Genesis.

More Features

By selling Spells of Genesis cards on Ethereum, we aim at funding the further development of Crystal Suite products and their further integration in Spells of Genesis.

New Opportunities

Many games are Ethereum-based. By making Spells of Genesis compatible with this chain, we’re opening the door to potential collaboration with other promising projects!

Get Your Own Piece of Blockchain History!

Vitali Buter Ethermage

The Ethermage leads an army of renowned dragon riders: the Ethereum army. Not only does the Ethermage lead this army, he is also its founder and unifier.


Sir of the Ether

Ethereum is a company of ethereal-dragon riders which arrived from the West, beyond the mountains. After mastering the Ether, they decided to extend their knowledge to other parts of Askian.


Colossus of Dao

The Colossus of Dao is empowered during the annual congress of Ether. The Ether knights lend him their magical forces. Holding so much energy, the Colossus is able to withstand all threats.


Storj Library

Storj is the oldest and the greatest library in Askian. The library is as old as Askian itself and so vast that no one knows what is stashed on its shelves. No one but the Storj goblin.


The Theft of Mount Gox

It is said that Mountain Gox, one of Askian’s richest in crystals and gems, was robbed of all its treasures by one man. The miners lost their jobs and, in their anger, publicly humiliated their leaders. The wealth of the mountain was never traced back.


ShapeShift the Wanderer

ShapeShift is an itinerant magician trained at the Askian Academy of Magic Arts. He travels the world providing relief to those in need, his reputation precedes his names.


BitCrystals: Multi-chain Currency

BitCrystals (BCY) was issued in 2015 as a token on Counterparty – protocol running on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. 

In order to adapt the coin to our current multi-chain product strategy, we burnt 18 000 000 BCY on Bitcoin blockchain and minted the same amount on Ethereum, as an ERC-20 token.


Will all the existing cards be released also on Ethereum?

To start we have chosen just a few cards with strong historic and symbolic values. If these cards raise a great interest, we will schedule more of them and progressively release all the existing cards. 

Will my Counterparty cards be moved to Ethereum?

No. If you own Spells of Genesis cards on Counterparty, they remain on Counterparty and fully in your possession. They will still be playable in SoG.

Can I exchange my Counterparty cards for Ethereum ones?

Not right now. We will consider this feature in the future.

If I have a card on Counterparty, will I get it automatically on Ethereum as well?

No, the cards on Counterparty and on Ethereum are independent.

How can I recognize if my blockchain card in SoG is a Counterparty one or an Ethereum one?

You cannot recognize this and you even don’t need to. A Counterparty card and its equivalent on Ethereum enable both the same card in the game. If you have two cards in-game (one linked to Counterparty and another one to Ethereum token), one levelled-up and the other not, when selling one token (no matter on which chain) you’ll always keep the levelled-up card.

Will there be any new cards released on Ethereum, i.e. cards that were not released on Counterparty before?

It is possible, but we will reconsider our cards release strategy after the evaluation of the pilot sales.

When will the Ethereum-based SoG cards be on sale?

The sales will start in Q1 2020.

Which currency are the Ethereum-based SoG cards be sold for?

The cards will be sold for ETH.

Why are the Ethereum cards sold for ETH and not for BitCrystals or BitCrystals Ethereum?

The cards sales aim at gathering some funds to further develop Crystal Suite products and SoG.

What is BitCrystals Ethereum?

We call “BitCrystals Ethereum” the ERC-20 we released for the 18 000 000 burnt BitCrystals (BCY) on Counterparty.

Can I sell my Counterparty cards or BitCrystals for ETH?

Not directly. Cards on Counterparty can be sold for BitCrystals, or other asset on the same chain.

Can I buy Ethereum cards for BitCrystals (BCY)?

No, the first cards on Ethereum will be sold for ETH.

How can I use my Ethereum cards in Spells of Genesis?

You will need to link your Ethereum address to the game. We will tell you how to do it when this feature will be enabled.

When I blockchainize a card, can I have it on Ethereum?

Not in the beginning. But if the SoG cards on Ethereum have a good traction, we will consider this option.

Another question?

Feel free to send us an e-mail or ask in our Telegram group!