Orb Explorer Beta test: We greatly value your help!

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Since we’ve launched the Beta test of Orb Explorer, we’ve gathered a lot of valuable feedback and a lot of interesting suggestions as well.

Even though the testing period is not over yet, we’d like to comment on some of your proposals.


The requests of a built-in marketplace or DEX are among the most common comments. This seems to be a logical demand and it is definitely in our pipeline. 

More collections

A lot of you are asking for more collections available in Orb Explorer. It’s true that so far we have listed only a very few of them.

There are hundreds of blockchain-based games and collections, and new ones are popping up every day. Our goal is, of course, to list at least the most popular and the most active ones. Digging out all the metadata we need to correctly display a collection is arduous, nevertheless we work tirelessly on adding your favorite Ethereum collections to your soon-to-be favorite blockchain browser 🙂 

Feel free to tell us which one you’d like to see there!


You have asked for more detailed information about each Orb. That is definitely a very important feature, which we plan to implement in one of the next releases of Orb Explorer.

Blockchain data

Some of you have suggested displaying more blockchain data, such as the value of each Orb and collection, but also its changes over time. It seems logical to add these elements together with the marketplace. 

Social features

We are also planning to enable several social features, such as ranking of collections and collectors, as some of you have mentioned.

Advanced features

Adding different wallet addresses, from different blockchains to your account is a very interesting suggestion, being completely in line with our multi-chain approach!

Yet implementing such a feature in a secure way is quite complicated, therefore it won’t be imminent.

We have not covered all the suggestions we’ve received so far, but we wanted to react to those we’ve seen repeatingly. Also, the testing period is not over yet and we still look forward to reading your opinions, ideas and suggestions. 

Also, we’d like you to be involved in the selection of features to be implemented in new releases of Orb Explorer.

If you have not participated in the Orb Explorer Beta test yet, you can still subscribe here.